Hello, I'm Mervi Emilia! I'm a brand and web designer, blogger and social media marketer from Finland. I have been online since 1997 and making websites for over 15 years. I believe in unique and well done, and my approach is handcrafted. Welcome!

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"Mervi is fast, initiative and sharp. She gets a modern take on what she does by following her time. Working with Mervi is easy and straightforward."

Saara Ritvos / Kauneustoimittajien yhdistys

Made In Helmikuu blog

The website of the association of Finnish beauty journalists was badly outdated. It had been built on WordPress but unfortunately any of it parts hadn't been updated in years. It was running on old version of WordPress and the theme looked old. It was time for a dust up. The original colouring which included pink and purple didn't fit the wishes of the current members of the association. Most of...

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It must be the lack of light. The nights are long and the days are cloudy and grey. I'm a night owl for sure, but this amount of gloomy is too much. This time of year is always the most taking. At the same time people are getting busy with "we need this website done yesterday" or so and my energy is the lowest. I wait for the snow, because it lightens things up. Music helps too. I go for disco,...

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Browsing around websites, especially commercial kind, you are likely to see sliders, carousels, rotators. They are those areas which have usually images, sometimes text and the content rotates automatically. Sliders are most often used to promote the website owner's skills, services of the company or the products of a web store. I think sliders are a really bad idea and they are most often used...

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