Helmikuu proudly presents: Home+Work

June 13, 2013 - 16:54 | 2 replies

Helmikuu proudly presents: Home+Work -- the tasselflower blog

I'm exited to announce Home+Work a very new site for anyone who works from home or anywhere outside the regular office!

Home+Work is for you who works or wants to work from home or wherever you are. You are likely to be a freelancer, crafter, remote worker, artist, work at home mom, blogger, designer or a small business owner. Or maybe you want to be one.

It is for both full-time and part-time home workers. And all sorts too, from writers to crafters and everything in between.

In addition to my posts Home+Work welcomes submissions from guest writers. Fitting topics would be about working from home, freelancing, telecommuting, unconventional jobs and running your own small business. Do contact if you are interested in writing for Home+Work!

To start with something useful I created a little list for you to find out if working from home is your thing. More interesting stuff is due soon.

Home+Work is also found at the usual, Facebook and Twitter. While you are browsing about, remember to join the list to get exclusive freebies and to stay up to date! No spam, I promise.

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2 replies for "Helmikuu proudly presents: Home+Work"

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Jacolien's picture

What a great project!
I really think I can learn a lot!
I'll think about it if I could add something with a guest post. I'm not sure if I'd be able to add anything interesting. Let me brainstorm on it, or if you have an idea please contact me!

Mervi's picture
Mervi on June 15, 2013 - 02:40 said:

Thank you Jacolien! I'll think about that, I'm sure we can whip up some idea(s). :)

I really hope this is useful for you and others alike. I realized that while there's lots of business consulting and information, there's nothing that really dwells into the matter of working from home. And it sure has it's own struggles as well as it's own perks.


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