Thinking inside the Dropbox

November 18, 2012 - 04:34 | 3 replies

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I wanted to move most of the photos and videos from my iPhone. All the options I had available to accomplish this seemed so slow and too much work. So I dusted my old unused Dropbox account, installed it on my computer, got the iPhone app and started to copy the photos from iPhone to Dropbox and from Dropbox to my hard drive.

This isn't one of those horror stories where everything goes wrong and then all the way wrong. Nope. Everything actually worked. And pretty nicely too. I had rather lots of photos (and some videos too) on my iPhone so the moving them around took some time. But it was faster and easier than my other options.

The reason why I'm telling this is that during this I noticed that Dropbox is actually really useful. Besides using it for moving files between my devices it's good for much more. There are mobile apps for different devices and uploading the files to and downloading them from your box is easy. You can create different folders for different types or groups of files and shared folders to use with friends, family and at work. Or you can choose to share individual files or complete folders with anyone (or everyone). They don't have to have a Dropbox account.

On my iPhone I turned on automatic Camera Upload. It throws all my new photos and videos straight to the Dropbox (as long as the app is not closed) and saves me time and effort from having to choose the files to copy/move.

"Sounds great, how can I get this?" If you don't already have Dropbox, you can easily create an account. A basic account with 2 GB is free and you can get it somewhat bigger also for free. Use this referral link to create your new account and you'll get 500 MB extra space (I'll get some too).

Photo by Brenda Clarke under Creative Commons license.

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3 replies for "Thinking inside the Dropbox"

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There is so much to benefit of using Dropbox. Definitive killer app.

I used to have a to-do list synced across all my devices until I found out that to-do lists are useless garbage (well, for me). Now I mainly use it for backing up photos, storing bookmarks and sharing screenshots. Also, Public folder in Dropbox acts as a handy little web server in case I need to test something quick.

Go ahead and share any dropboxing tips if you come across!

Mervi's picture

I will, Niko! I haven't been using it that much. For some reason I didn't have use for it until now.

But now that I do, it looks real promising. I've managed to grow the space through the little tasks they give for that. It's quite nice.

Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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