Two different types of Like (on Facebook)

June 16, 2012 - 15:55 | 1 reply


Did you know that there are different ways to like on Facebook? Do you know what makes them so different? Do you know the difference in when you like something on a another website and in when you like it on Facebook? Here's a short introduction on what it's all about.

1. Public like

This is the like you do on another website. Not on Facebook, but clicking the Like-button on another site, for instance on a blog post. You can do that on this blog, below each post.

This is a sort of a public like. What makes it public is that everyone can see people have liked the site, the blog post, or whatever the Like-button was implemented on. Not everyone will see YOU did the liking, but everyone will see someone did. That's way it's public.

This is why websites have the Like-buttons on them: They wish people to publicly like, so that other's (not just the liker's friends, but everyone) will see that there are folks who like this stuff.

2. Private like

This is the like you do on Facebook. For instance your (Facebook) friend liked or shared a link. You click the like link under the shared/liked entry on your newsfeed or their timeline.

This is in a way a private like. Yes, the person who shared or liked that site, blog post, photo etc. sees you liked it and your friends will see it. If the person who shared or liked it first has set that share or like public, then other's will see it too. However it's only viewable on Facebook. That way it's private.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Tiesitkö, että on olemassa erilaisia tapoja tykätä Facebookissa? Julkisesti tykkäät, jos painat tykkäämispainiketta jollakin muulla sivustolla kuin Facebookissa. Siinä mielessä se on julkista, että tällöin sen sivuston omistajat ja muut näkevät, että siitä jostakin jutusta (bloggauksesta, koko saitista, kuvasta yms.) on tykätty. He eivät näe, että just sinä tykkäsit, vain kaverit näkevät sen. Salaisesti (privaatisti) tykkäät, jos tykkäät jostakin Facebookin sisällä. Esimerkiksi jos kliksautat sitä tykkää-linkkiä jonkun muun jakamassa tai tykkäämässä jutussa Facebookissa, silloin tykkäät salaa. Vain se, joka jakoi sen jutun, sekä ystäväsi näkevät tämän tykkäyksen. Paitsi tietty, jos se alkuperäinen tykkäys tai jako oli tehty julkisesti. Mutta silloinkin sen näkee vain Facebookissa.

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