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June 5, 2012 - 15:46 | 6 replies

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Last week I got myself the Tweetbot app and I really really like it. Tweetbot is a Twitter app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It costs 2.99 USD (about 2.40 EUR) and is very much worth it.

Before Tweetbot I used Twitter's free official app and I wasn't really happy with it. It is better than for instance the Mac app (which is pretty plain), but lacks of some nice little things.

The main reason I bought Tweetbot is it's muting feature. You can mute certain hashtags (love it), keywords, clients (like for instance) and even users. They can be muted for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or forever.

Sometimes someone you follow goes on a tweeting spree for an event or something else which doesn't interest you. With Tweetbot there's no need to unfollow them. Instead you can mute them for the day and then the next day they'll be back. And of course the "mutes" can be removed later. Nifty.

There are also other nice features, for instance the timeline search, which had been in the official Twitter app too and was later removed from it. Or streaming the new Tweets instead of having to refresh them manually. Of course Tweetbot also supports multiple accounts, which can be switched easily. There are different notification options and many ways to customize the usage of the app.

One of the customizations is the option to choose if you want to follow your actual timeline or one of your lists (private or public). So if you for example want to follow everyone back, but still want to keep your timeline uncluttered, you can make a private list of those you'll mainly follow. Sneaky.

Tweetbot isn't perfect, but it's pretty great. I don't even bother to open the Twitter app on my Mac anymore for reading the new Tweets. I recommend, if you want to use Twitter with a device running iOS 4.1 or later.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Vaihdoin viime viikolla Twitterin virallisesta iPhone viritelmästä Tweetbottiin. Tweetbot maksaa noin 2.40 EUR ja on mielestäni vähintäänkin sen arvoinen. Se toimii iPhonessa, iPod touchissa ja iPadissa, iOS 4.1 tai uudemmassa. Suurin syy miksi ostin Tweetbotin on se, että sillä voi "mykistää" tiettyjä hashtageja, sanoja ja niin edelleen. Mykistyksen voi laittaa päälle päiväksi, viikoksi, kuukaudeksi tai ikuisesti (mykistykset voi toki myös poistaa jälkikäteen). Tweetbotissa on paljon muitakin kätsyjä juttuja, kuten se, että voit varsinaisen aikajanasi (timeline) sijaan seuratakin jotakin valitsemaasi listaa. Lisäksi ohjelma tukee tietenkin myös useampien samanaikaisten tilien käyttöä ja niiden vaihtaminen on helppoa. Tweetbot ei ole täydellinen, mutta kuitenkin aika fantsu. Suosittelen.

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6 replies for "Twitter Tuesday: Tweetbot"

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Marta @ I love breakfast's picture

I was trying to use Twitter but I don't think it's for me...

Mervi's picture
Mervi on June 8, 2012 - 14:49 said:

Thank you again for your comment Marta!

I understand if it's not for everyone. I've also noticed that sometimes it kind of grows on some peeps (like it did on me).

But yeah, I totally get it. If Twitter not for you, if you don't find the point of using it, there's no reason to do it.

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