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Twitter Tuesday: Finding people and brands to follow on Twitter

09.05.2012 - 14:51

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Twitter isn't just about posting Tweets and hoping someone will read, reply and ReTweet them. It's also about finding new information, connecting and being social. Following other users. So, how to find people and brands to follow?

Use web

If a person or a brand has a blog or any other sort of website as well as a Twitter account, they are likely to link to the account from their site. Look for that link.

Check out the sidebars and footers of interesting sites. Some use nifty little buttons (with the "t" or a bird usually) and some just tell you to "follow them".

Check the following/followers lists

When you've got a Twitter account you can also see who follows who. If you've found someone interesting to follow, it's likely they follow or are followed by someone else interesting.

Of course you can also see who's following you and if they have interesting profiles, follow them back. Beware of spam accounts, they follow you hoping you would follow them.


On Twitter you can find interesting conversations by searching for certain "hashtags". Hashtags are one word (or several words mushed in one) tags starting with # mark.

For instance there's a site called Hashtags for finding them and Tweets including those tags. Other way finding these Tweets and users is to use the Twitter search.

One popular meme on Twitter is Follow Friday. On Fridays Twitter users recommend other users by using the #FollowFriday or #FF tag.

Lists and directories

Some Twitter users build lists of accounts worth to follow. Check if someone you already follow has lists and check out the profiles of the users included on the list.

There are also some directories which list Twitter users. Often users add themselves on these lists.

A couple of such directories are WeFollow and Just Tweet It.

How do you find users on Twitter to follow?

Now tell me how you find people and brands on Twitter to follow. Do you use the ways I wrote about or do you have other ways as well?

Thank you to @nikoheikkila, @Stello and @haloefekti for already telling me how they do this!

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Twitterin ainoa tarkoitus ei ole se, että kirjoittelet viestejä muiden nähtäväksi, vastattavaksi ja uudelleenlähetettäväksi. Tarkoitus on myös, että seuraat muita. Löytääksesi muita seurattavia voit kokeilla seuraavia keinoja: Löydä muilta sivuilta linkkejä Twitter-tileihin. Tsekkaa kuka seuraa sinua tai muita ja keitä muut seuraavat. Etsi kiinnostavia "hashtageja". Tutki muiden käyttäjien tekemiä listoja ja löydä käyttäjiä sellaisilta sivustoilta kuten WeFollow ja Just Tweet It. Mitä sinä teet löytääksesi mielenkiintoisia seurattavia Twitterissä?

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