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April 21, 2012 - 13:50 | 2 replies


The most annoying thing about Instagram is it doesn't have proper web view. Yes, you can view single photos on your browser, but that's about it. Fortunately there are some third party sites doing the job.

I've tried Instagrid, which is nice and clear, but for instance doesn't let the photos be pinned easily. I've used gramfeed, which is bulkier and more cluttered, but offers more sharing options.

Today I found Webbygram. Webbygram offers a pretty, Tumblr-like interface for browsing and sharing Instagram photos. It's built by Brenden Mulligan, "who got tired of waiting for Instagram to build a web view".

Webbygram allows me to share my all of my photos with those who don't have Instagram. Signed in users can like and comment them and the likes and comments are shown for everyone. The photos can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Besides my own photos I can also browse, comment and like the photos on my "home feed", as well as check out (and like and comment) the photos by others who have public profiles. So far I like!

View my Instagram photos on Webbygram.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Ärsyttävin asia Instagramissa on se, ettei sillä ole kunnollista verkkokäyttistä. Yksittäisiä kuvia voi kyllä katsella selaimessa, mutta siinäpä se sitten oikeastaan onkin. Onneksi on joitakin ulkopuolisten tekijöiden sivustoja, jotka ajavat tämän asian. Olen kokeillut Instagrid-nimistä palvelua, joka on ihan ok, mutta esimerkiksi kuvien jakaminen Pinterestissä ei oikein onnistu. Toinen palvelu nimeltä gramfeed taas on rumempi, mutta toiminnoiltaan edellistä parempi. Tänään löysin kuitenkin Brenden Mulliganin rakentaman Webbygram -sivuston, joka muistuttaa Tumblria ja tarjoaa monipuolisen verkkoversion Instagramista. Vaikuttaa hyvältä! Näe Instagram-kuvani Webbygramissa.

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2 replies for "Instagram on web - Webbygram"

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I used this one:

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Mervi on April 22, 2012 - 00:00 said:

Jussi: Seems okay, yet kind of cluttered like gramfeed. I like Webbygram for it's so clean and simple, yet everything is browsable.


Thank you for your reply! Please let me know if you have problems with the antispam system.
Kiitos vastauksestasi! Kerrothan minulle, jos roskaviestien eston kanssa tulee ongelmia.

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