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P is for Person

21.03.2011 - 14:39

Balds on the beach

Here's a thought: First analyze the target groups and create a generalized idea of what the people you are reaching out are like. Now P is for People. Then find a (random) bunch of actual living and breathing people fitting your general type. See what really are like, what they do, who they talk with. Know her by name, know the little differences which set this individual apart from the group, from People. Now P is for Person.

Here's another thought: Use social media for this. Find these Persons from your social media contacts. See what sort of things they post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and beyond. Read their blogs, view their photos and see what other social media platforms they use. Contact them, have conversations with them. Make it personal.

Photo by Giorgio Verdiani, seen on Tomato Branch group.


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Love the way you agree, my friend! :D

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