New poll (Do you use Twitter) and previous results

September 9, 2010 - 16:57

Last week I asked a simple question: Do you use Facebook? Ten out of 12 answered yes, as they use Facebook. Only two answered no. If you were one of those who answered no, I'd like to hear why. Comment on this or the the post created about the poll or if you don't want everyone to hear your reasons, send me a private message. Thank you for answering this poll!

The new poll is about Twitter. As usual you can find the latest active poll on the sidebar of this site.

To keep it simple, the question is do you use Twitter. Again I only expect you to answer yes or no. Very simple, isn't it? Whether you use Twitter or not, I would be interested on hearing why, but giving this info is not required.

The poll form does collect the IP addresses, but I don't really have any interest on knowing who has answered and what. I also don't give the IP addresses to any third parties. These polls are just fun little thing I like to do.


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7 replies for "New poll (Do you use Twitter) and previous results

pni's picture

Yes I do. Partly because I have a good set of contacts there and partly because I've found it to be quite good a platform for streaming my photography links to.

Mervi's picture

I also have found it to be a good platform for streaming what ever links I have to share. I also have many great contacts. Unfortunately more often it feels more like shouting to the void, since there is not that much conversation there. This is partially my own fault, because finding/starting a conversation on Twitter seems to require lots of effort and I'm not always the most active on it.

Atso's picture

No. I don't think anyone would care, really.

Mervi's picture

I would. :D

Sun äitis's picture

I just came to tell that I commented in the FB-post, but got stuck in moderation, probably due to the link I provided.

Mervi's picture

Sorry, the spam filters are still a bit weird. Sometimes they let comments in sometimes they don't. I tend to check the spam comments quite often, because I know this happens. So no worries, I do my best to save all the comments!

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