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This is a blog by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen (later Eskelinen), Digital Craftswoman, from Helsinki, Finland, Europe. Mostly geeky and idealistic. Likes web, design, cats, blogging, tea, tv, social media, movies, books, running, music and virtual worlds. Also known as tasselflower. All the content on this site is by Eskelinen if not stated otherwise.

Some of the content may not be suitable for all audiences. Please, do not let your small kids use the Internet alone. They really shouldn't.

The theme of this site is by Mervi Eskelinen. It may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

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  • All the content (except the downloadable "Free Stuff"; see below) is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 if not stated otherwise.
  • Attribute at least by linking back to the original content.
  • Attributing by the name (Mervi Emilia Eskelinen or Mervi Eskelinen) is recommended.

"Free Stuff" TOS

The brushes, patterns, textures or other resources (“Free Stuff”) are created, owned and © Mervi Emilia Eskelinen. The resources are available for free use (both personal and commercial) with certain limitations. The following terms apply.

This is what you MAY do with these resources:

  • Use these resources within your own design, painting etc., provided that proper credit is given (details on the section Crediting).
  • Distribute (including commercially) the design, painting etc. which you have created with using these resources, provided that proper credit is given (details on the section Crediting).
  • Post information about these resources and link to this website on your website without asking my permission.

This is what you MAY NOT do with these resources:

  • Resell or give away these resources.
  • Resell or give away any parts of these resources.
  • Resell or give away a modified version of these resources.
  • Upload/host the resouces or any parts of them to other websites or platforms (including virtual worlds).


  • Always provide credit to me (Mervi Eskelinen) whenever you use these resources. Either credit with the website address (http://helmikuu.net) or with my name (Mervi Eskelinen) AND the website address (http://helmikuu.net).
  • If you cannot or don't want to provide the proper credit, you may purchase a commercial license.

Please contact me mervi@helmikuu.net for more information and/or if you need a commercial license.