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Mervi EmiliaHello, I'm Mervi Emilia! I'm a web consultant and designer from Finland. I have been online since 1997 and making websites for 17 years. I'm skilled with social media and marketing. I believe in unique and well done, and my approach is handcrafted.

I was born in February 1981 in Maaninka, a small place somewhere in Finland. The Helmikuu part in the domain and name of this site is Finnish and means February. I have two older sisters. The place I was born is in countryside. I cannot milk a cow or ride a horse. When I was a kid I used to play outdoors, eat berries and other edible plants and I usually had a nice tan.

In high school I got into the world of Internet. I created my first website sometime around 1998. It was pretty bad and I learned by making. In 2001 I started to study Computer Science, but in a few years I started to think it wasn't for me. So in 2005 I switched to study something they called New Media Design (now Digital Design, I think). I graduated 2010, a year after writing my bachelor's thesis about utilising social media in business-to-business marketing. Since before graduation I have been freelancing as a web designer and developer. You can read more about my work and services on the Work with me -section. Check out also my portfolio.

I have been blogging, on and off, since the beginning of this century. The blog you can find on this site I started in April 2010. Currently I blog about branding, web design and development, web in general, social media, business and life. Please read and comment my blog posts.

Besides making websites, Tweeting and surfing around the web in general I enjoy tea, company of cats, watching movies and television, listening music, drawing, painting, writing and doing crafts. Sometimes I even knit or sew something. I also cook pretty much daily basis, but I'm a lazy kind of cook, so anything that takes hours to prepare is off of my list.

You can buy my digital crafts online. I sell customisable logos, blog banners and other designs at Etsy, and Photoshop and GIMP brushes, clip art, patterns and other downloadable goods at Luvly Marketplace.

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