Mervi Eskelinen aka tasselflower Mervi Emilia Eskelinen was born February 1981 somewhere in the middle of Finland. Typical for her, she was late from her own birth. Perhaps she was stuck in some very deep thought about the meaning of life. It has been told the winter she was born was angry with snowstorms and freezing cold.

The family consisted of parents to be Mervi Emilia's mother and father, two daughters to be her big sisters and a big black cat called Misu. Misu is important part of Mervi Emilia's story. When she was still a baby Misu had an idea that she was some sort of a queen or perhaps a goddess and should be given sacrificial gifts of mice and small lizards.

Mervi, about 30 years ago He is also the reason Mervi Emilia is quite fond of cats and often cats are fond of her. Misu kept regarding Mervi Emilia as a queen or perhaps a goddess for the rest of his life. Later on there have been a small army of cats passing through her life.

When Mervi Emilia turned 13 she got her first computer. It was a used PC and came with Intel386, Windows 3.11 and even a modem. She never got to use the modem, but she often imagined what sorts of worlds it would open to her. Middle school was quite bad for her since the other kids would bully her and Mervi Emilia felt lonely. Lukio, the Finnish high school, turned out to be better. She made friends and finally got to really use that amazing thing called Internet.

The first things she got herself familiar with were emails, web and IRC. The latter gave her a way to talk with people everywhere in Finland and eventually all over the world. Being able to communicate with people like that in written form and behind the computer screen is something so perfect for an introvert such as Mervi Emilia. Then there was that web. She created her first website around that time, a crappy little thing with Geocities. First she made websites as a hobby and later she managed to make a job of it. Her first blog in 2001 or 2002 was very different than these fancy things nowadays that have commenting and all.

2001 Mervi Emilia started to study Computer Science. A couple of years later she realised it wasn't her thing. She was and is the Goddess of The Net. 2005 she started to study something that was called Verkkoviestintä (New Media Design). Around this time she went through some hardship and took a lengthy break from blogging. 2009 she published her bachelor's thesis titled Sosiaalinen media business to business -markkinoinnissa (Social Media in Business to Business Marketing). It was created in co-operation with digital media agency Gyllene Skor and Mervi Emilia received an excellent grade of it. Next summer she graduated as Bachelor of Culture and Arts/Medianomi (AMK) from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

After gradution Mervi Emilia has been freelancing creating websites, logos and tooling around social media and marketing. More information about her work can be found at Made In Helmikuu front page and Services and pricing page. Spring 2013 she got into founding a website called Stylebook on which anyone can rate and find beauty professionals in Finland. Mervi Emilia also has a Etsy boutique tasselflower crafts. She sells handmade digital goods such as Photoshop brushes, logos, blog banners, clipart, to do -lists and patterns.

Besides all this work stuff Mervi Emilia's life includes running, adoring cats, photographing (see Flickr and Instagram) and roaming around the web. She drinks tea, watches television shows and movies, listens music (see Spotify and Last.fm), reads books and enjoys design.

Made In Helmikuu blog is Mervi Emilia's blog about web design, social media, life, marketing and business. It's best consumed with a nice cup of tea!

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