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Hello, I'm Mervi Emilia!
I'm a web consultant and designer from Finland. I want to help you boost and improve your or your business' web visibility. I believe in unique and well done, and my approach is handcrafted. Welcome!

Blogger highlight: Brenda Lee

16.04.2015 - 16:17
The first Blogger highlight is Brenda Lee, who writes My Girly Parts about health and beauty, men, infidelity, love, relationships, marriage, dating and women's hormonal issues. She has launched the blog in 2012 and blogs 2 to 3 times a week. Her other topics include home, social media, pets and...

Work with me

Guidance and courses

Running your business and especially its online aspects can make you feel you are alone in the world. Trust me, you are not! I can give you help with content, technical aspects and design of your website, brand and social media presences.

Design and development

The online presence of your business is most often the first impression anyone gets from it. It requires your website and other brand elements to be cohesive and responsive. I have the experience and understanding needed to get your business working online in a professional manner and with a personal touch.

Plans and strategies

It's more than just creating that Twitter account, posting cat videos on Facebook or sending updates of blog posts to your email subscribers. When you want your business really work online, you will need to have it well planned. I can craft you a plan and strategise with you on how to use web and it's services in the most effective way.

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